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What better way to welcome a new baby coming into a family with kids than an unforgettable parent-child Cooking Shower. Barbara Beery, who is also our very own "Kids Cooking Diva," dishes on creating a magical event ripe for parent-child bonding while giving special attention to Big Brothers- and Sisters-to-Be!

Child-Friendly Recipes

In the spirit of inviting kids to help in the kitchen, we have several recipes that are ideal for kids of a range of ages to participate in. The Donut Ice Cream Treats and Fancy Fruit K-Bobs are clever enough for older children and simple enough for kids as young as 2-1/2 to make.

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Frosty Donut Ice Cream Treats


Lemonade Lagoon Coolers

Lemonade Lagoon Coolers


Dreamy Dipped Strawberries

Dreamy Dipped Strawberries


Diva Approved Gift Reviews


Thanks to her insatiable desire to experiment with new combinations, Fretzels churns out new products and fresh packaging to celebrate the seasons. No matter when you throw your baby shower, Fretzels make a delectable party favor.


We've found the perfect way to give every bridesmaid identical, yet completely unique gifts: a custom candle set from Lumnique with personalized color, fragrance and messaging. Thoughtfulness has never been so chic.


Our ultimate bachelorette gift: a beautiful beaded bracelet that doubles as a wallet from Strings of beads conceal a credit-card sized pouch just big enough to hold cash, credit cards, keys and ID.

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