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Marcia Cross Flip-FlopsSlip on your chocolate bridal flip flops. Set the timer for your cucumber face mask. Now, lean back on your chaise lounge and check out The Shower Diva's hottest and hippest shower trends! Movie stars and women just like YOU are making it to the top of the bridal shower A-list!

Let's start by laying out a list of the most popular, fresh bridal shower themes. Keep in mind that no matter how voluminous the list, we've only scratched the surface. The only limit to a shower theme is your imagination!

Here at The Shower Diva, we're going to take one theme a month and expand on it. We're going to show you how to maximize on a theme without going broke by learning how to shop for it, decorate it, cook for it, clean house for it, and more! We'll send you hiking to stores or retailers online to pick up products that are budget friendly and oh, so fabulous.

Get ready to boldly go where you never thought you'd go before!

Bridal Shower Themes

Around-the-Clock Shower The Around-the-Clock Shower is a shower that highlights different "times" of the bride and groom's lives together and creates categories for gift-giving. Each guest will be assigned a "time," such as breakfast time or bath time. Their gifts then, should reflect this time, so that a breakfast gift could be a breakfast tray with a tea pot and a selection of teas and jams. The idea here is to shower the bride with a wide variety of gifts that are creative and useful for all the times of their lives.
Black and White Bridal Shower Dancing shoes, ties and tails, you'll be putting on the Ritz with this elegant shower theme! "The Audrey" Black and White Bridal Shower will put stars in the eyes of your Guest of Honor when she arrives to celebrate with her friends!
Blooms and Grooms Shower A shower held at a floral shop. Bonus is that all favors are already created by each guest.
Bubbles Theme Shower Create some effervescent fun with bubbles at your bridal shower
Christmas Theme Great ideas for hosting a christmas-themed shower!
Cosmo Martini Shower This one is loved by sophisticates everywhere! Invite ladies over for a "Sex and the City," "Cashmere Mafia" or "Lipstick Jungle" haute couture night of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. When I say haute couture, you don't need to break the bank by popping for an original Chanel little black dress. What do you have on hand, darling? Let fun and style be your guide! Have all the guests arrive dressed to the nines. Serve Cosmopolitans as your signature cocktail and white wine and mineral water too. Decorate the bar with sassy glasses, napkins, coasters, those pretty little drink umbrellas and yummy snacks. Don't forget those signature fancy cupcakes for dessert! Get the bride sexy lingerie, heeled mule slippers, a boa and fabulous negligees! Check out our "Signature Cocktails" recipes to get your Cosmo Martini shower started!
Couples ShowerCo-ed showers are the new rave. This is a hot way to include both the bride and groom's friends at a parties such as cocktail bashes, sit-down dinners or outdoor barbecues. Co-ed showers are perfect for when you're working from a small guest list made up of the bride and groom's closest friends. A co-ed shower is perfect for the bride who is being given a string of showers such as those given at work, church or by other close girlfriends.
Domestic Diva Recipe Shower Stock your favorite Bride-to-Be's new kitchen with helpful tools and heirloom recipes with this Domestic Diva Recipe Shower bridal shower theme idea.
Earth Goddess ShowerA shower that is very rich in natural scents, oils and goodies.
Gourmet Kitchen ShowerNope. this is not your "I really hope I get that rolling pin set" kind of shower! The Gourmet Kitchen shower is a Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray dream! Modern couples who share a love of fine dining and enjoy cooking together love this shower theme. Cook books, stainless steel cooking pots, fondue sets, high-end food processors and blenders make it to the top of bridal registries everytime! Check out Sur La Table for high-end kitchen goodies. Have guests bring a copy of their favorite recipe to the shower to share with the bride. If this is a co-ed shower, combine it with a cooking class so that at the end, everyone can sit down and dine together!
Green ShowerThe Green shower is quickly gaining currency across the country and is oftentimes coupled with a request for donations to the bride and groom's favorite charity. The Green Shower turns out to be quite chic -- no paper products are allowed! Foods are served on china that will later be washed in environment friendly products such as Method or Seventh Generation dish products. Organic and locally grown food is served. The cuisine can be vegetarian or if meats are served, they need to come from clean, certified humane producers. Even chocolate served or used in various desserts is vetted for fair trade practices (no children used as slaves to bring chocolate to the market place). Certified brands such as Newman's Own and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates are widely available in stores across the country. Beverages follow suit by being natural and organic. Great gifts for a green shower can be anything from hemp clothing, sheets and towels to party favors such as Wildflower Seed Favor Packets.
Handy Dandy Shower A home-improvement theme shower is great for the couple who already owns the typical shower gifts. This shower idea centers around DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and home repairs or a focus on accessorizing and home decorating. Buy a big red tool box and have it loaded with your shower favors! Or better yet, get two, and use the trays and bins in the second one for snacks, like crackers, sesame sticks, M&M's, etc. If you don't like that idea, the second tool box would be great to keep knives, forks, spoons and napkins in!
Holiday Showers Is the shower right before Halloween? The ceremony on July 4th? Throw a holiday-themed bash!
Mad Hatter Shower Don’t be late for a very important date! Our Mad Hatter Tea Party Ice Cream Social Shower is based upon an Alice in Wonderland theme and developed by our favorite celebrity, Melissa Joan Hart. The ideas are fabulous.
Magical Moments If your Guest of Honor enjoys Fairies, Pixies, Mermaids, or Cherubs, then check out this mystical magical moments theme!
Outdoor Patio ShowerOutdoor living is gaining popularity and will be at the top of many couples' lists this spring and summer. Since so many couples these days already have enough stuff for the house, brides and grooms want to extend their living space by furnishing and decorating their backyards to accommodate al fresco dining for large summer parties. The Patio Shower means that each guest should bring an outdoor living gift -- one that will help complete the couple's outdoor look. Furniture, an outdoor radio or sound system, lanturns, tiki torches, mega-sized candles, barbecue equipment, picnic supplies, table cloths, flatware, napkins, cup set, and barbecue cookbooks. Be sure to serve yummy finger food, like chicken nuggets marinated in barbecue sauce, shishkabobs, biscuits, corn on the cob, potato salad, slaw and the like. Or go Mediterranean -- serve antipasto, red wine, olives, bread, pasta salads, and tasty tiramisu for dessert!
Oriental Shower Go Asian for the bride who adores Japanese and Chinese foods. Decorate the room with Shoji Screens and/or Japanese style room dividers. Hang paper lanterns above and use red faux silk throws to mask furniture. Inexpensive bamboo mats and low tables can be found at stores such as Target and from many other inexpensive vendors online. Serve a nice selection of sushi, Asian beer and Saki. Japanese inspired teapots and cups are also available at stores like Target, Cost Plus and Pier 1 Imports. It's nice to have steaming pots of Jasmine Tea at the ready. Shower gifts could range from a high-end Wok, handcrafted chopsticks to Japanese china, and can be combined with a spa trip held earlier in the day. Steam room, jacuzzi and Shiatsu massage would have everyone in the mood for Saki later in the day. Don't forget the fortune cookies!
Patriotic ThemePlanning a 4th of July Shower or celebrating with a military family? Check out these Yankee Doodle Dandy ideas!
Pure Indulgence ShowerBeautiful gifts and indulgent pretties -- things the bride would never buy for herself -- is another hot favorite. This one rocks for the bride who already has everything she needs to set up a household, is stepping into her second marriage, and for young women who will be gifted with all the basics at other showers, but don't have money for pre-wedding pampering. Spas, of course, are the perfect venue for this shower as are home-based parties where facial experts and manicurists are hired to make the bride and her guests feel -- and look! -- like a million bucks. Hair day at her favorite salon for scalp treatments, colorings combined with the mani-pedi are great girlfriend showers, too. Gift certificates for post-wedding beauty treatments make fabulous gifts.
Sexy Boudoir ShowerSpoil the Bride-to-Be by having guests gift her with a wide selection of lacy lingerie and other sexy under things to add spice and sizzle to her state of wedded bliss! Perfect gift ideas are teddies, satin and silk robes and baby doll pajamas, bras, panties, lavender sachets, sexy bed linens, massage lotions and a collection of romantic CDs for bedroom listening. It's not out of bounds to include some naughty items if she's open for the unexpected! Be sure to check that out before giving the all-clear to guests who might have racy ideas. Decorate the shower venue with vases of red and lavender roses mixed with dahlias -- red and purple dahlias are the hot new bouquet trend for brides this year. Of course, you'd want to serve love foods such as champagne, oysters, lobster, caviar, strawberries and cream, and lots of wicked, wicked chocolate!
Spa-Themed ShowerHire a masseuse, an esthetician, pedicurist and a manicurist (or two of each). Have the masseus give everyone a 15-minute back rub or foot and calf massage. Estheticians (facialists) can provide another form of relaxation. Manicurists and pedicurists will have your guests surrounded in "aaahs" and "ooohs" -- If you happen to have a soaking tub or jacuzzi in your home, have a bath at the ready for a true spa experience. Pour a capful of Kneipp's "Melissa" bath product for that true relaxation sensation. Provide clean large white robes and slippers for each guest. Serve fresh fruit, veggies, mineral water, and herbal teas. As for gifts for the Bride-to-Be, she will delight in certificates toward her favorite local spa, bath products, etc. Instead of holding the shower at your home, you can always hold the shower at a local spa - be sure to plan ahead of time to be sure the spa will be able to accomodate your party.
Tea Totally Fun A tea party bridal shower is both old-fashioned and delightfully elegant.
This Is Your Life Theme Celebrate the life of your guest of honor by remembering her special times and stories! This theme gives you a chance to show your guest of honor how dearly loved she is by recalling her favorite memories and sharing in the things that bring joy to her life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started...
Tropical Theme This theme works especially well if the Bride-to-Be is headed to a tropical destination for her honeymoon! Read on for details...
Vino Valentino ShowerWine tastings are sophisticated. Wine tastings say "We're a couple of discerning taste. We believe our guests are too." The wine tasting shower is a compliment to everyone who's invited. They're chi chi but don't need to be prohibitively expensive. A signature wine selected by the shower hostess (a favorite vintage of the bride and groom) dictates how the shower menu is set up. White wines go well with light cheeses, olive-rosemary bread and seasonal fruits. Reds go with heavier breads such as ryes and pumpernickels served with spicey cold cuts and tangy olives. Invite guests to bring two bottles of their favorite wine -- one to share at the party and another for the couple to place in their collection. Place wine-pairing notes for the guests at each food and wine station!
We Do! Shower An experiential shower where the group attends a theatre, comedy, or activity out and about.
Yoga-Power Shower Hire a yoga instructor who should be able to provide yoga mats for all guests. Allot a time period of 30-45 minutes, no longer, for the session. We have it as fact that at one shower, a hostess had two "grandmas" who weren't into yoga sit back and review. They were to judge for a) the most unique outfit a guest wore, b) the longest held pose, c) the one with the best matching outfit, d) the one who stayed longest, etc. She awarded prizes to the winners. Have a masseuse or two on hand to give everyone a 15-minute back rub or foot and calf massage after the yoga session. Serve green tea, smoothies, fresh fruit, veggies and dip, mineral water, light white wine and luscious chocolate cake for dessert! Gift the Bride-to-Be with certificates for future beauty, yoga, and spa days. Get her a spa robe, exercise and yoga videos and lots of lotions and bath products!

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