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"The Audrey" Black and White Bridal Shower

Dancing shoes, ties and tails, you'll be putting on the Ritz with elegant shower theme!

Black and White Filigree Invitations


Begin the beguine with Black and White Filigree invitations that set the stage for this gorgeous shower theme. Your Guest of Honor will have stars in her eyes when she arrives to celebrate with her friends! Dance your way over to where you can completely customize your invitation wording and accent colors.

What era gone by speaks elegance? For some ideas, look online at for thumbnails of sultry movie stars—Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina, Jean Harlow, Marlon Brando from the Godfather, or Marlene Dietrich—to tuck inside your invites as an inspiration for your guests. Then customize your invitations with wording that will inspire your guests for the bash!

It's a forties (or your chosen decade) era fantasy with details and delight;
You're invited to share a a fine romance with <Guest of Honor's name> this twinkling night.
Dress as a sultry maven who lights the movie screen—or gentleman with twinkling toes—the stars will be out tonight!
Perfect a bow with the color theme for chance, a twinkling delight
Or a single red red rose, nobly borne, will fill < Guest of Honor's name>'s 'Bow-quet' this night.

A single red rose sticker or red rose petal, tucked inside your invitation will be a keepsake reminder of your request.


Decorating punch is key. Stark black and white is definitely classic, but today's parties layer black and white with a vivid accent to make an elegant statement. We've chosen eye popping red as the perfect foil to this classic color scheme.

The scrap booking section of craft stores has an assortment of black and white designs to give a trendy accent to side tables, buffet and the gift table. While there, keep a lookout for red 'jewels', black lacquer trays and clear crystal strands of beads for added pizzazz!

Black and White Towel CakeStart with snowy white tablecloths, then lay down several pieces of scrapbook paper randomly across the table. They don't have to match, an eclectic mix of papers is more dramatic. Next add black and white plates and trays. Make napkin rings out of black and white paper using our free napkin ring template. Create round labels with your Guest of Honor's monogram in red to affix to the center of the napkin ring. It's easy using Avery labels and templates. Red and white roses in tall black vases are the perfect centerpiece. A bit of red licorice inside tall stemmed martini glasses with little black bows scattered about the party space will tied the corners of the room to your theme.

Make room on the gift table for a striking black and white towel cake centerpiece. offers a stunning 4-tier layered towel cake with four bath towels, hand towels and face cloths PLUS keepsake ceramic wedding topper, flowers, ring pillow, frame, doilies, pearls, spray, doves with two rings, bells, a garter, the champagne candle, bride's kerchief and ribbon. It will be remembered by the Bride-to-Be and your guests for years to come!

Extend your black and white decor to the buffet, beverage and gift tables using the scrapbooking paper, red jewels, beads, and black lacquer accents.


We've got torch songs in our heads for a play list for this party: "The Velvet Fog" Mel Torme singing Lullaby of Birdland, any of the Rat Pack with their swarthy sensual styles, the Johnny Mercer songbook, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter standards. Guests will hum along and get that dreamy look, singing along to Harry Connick Jr. and sampling the tasty voices of Susannah McCorkle, Sarah Vaughn, Madeline Peyroux or Ella Fitzgerald. Don't forget Peggy Lee to add star quality to your play list


Choose finger foods with a combination of rich and crunchy textures. Spread fillings on cucumbers and garnish with radish wedge, toss artichokes into this lucious spinach dip and serve alongside hearty peasant style breads. Shrimp cocktail with its tinge of pink and red cocktail sauce and kick, continue the party theme.

Oreos and LiquoriceDrop rose petals into ice cube trays then flavor tall clear pitchers of water with a few drops of rose blossom water to pique palates. Flavor Earl Grey with rose hips or a dash of raspberry syrup. Stock the bar with half and half, creme de cacao and vodka for White Russians or see Bubbly Bride for plenty of luscious shower libations.

On the dessert buffet, set out platters of Oreo® cookies ringing Twizzlers® Cherry Bites, chocolate covered strawberries, coconut meringues, and black and white cake.


Wedding Surprise GamePlay the Wedding Suprise Game: Pin a red and white Wedding Surprise Game bouquet on each guest as they arrive. At some point during the shower, announce that everyone should open their bouquet. The winner is the guest (or guests) who find rings inside their bouquet.

For a memorable soiree, personalize Notes of Advice so Guests can share special messages with the Guest of Honor.

If you requested guests come in costume, award a prize to the Guest of Honor's favorite.

Play Movie Karaoke: Tried and true movie quotes are easy to find. Play memorable movie clips with the sound turned down. Have guests act out the scene, inserting the correct words. Whoever can quote lines verbatim wins a prize.

Bow-quetPlay Ring Bling! Bridal Shower Scratch Off Game: Give each guests a Ring Bling! card and a penny. Have everyone scratch off the silver square on their card. The winner will be the guest who finds an engagement ring on her card. The losing cards are illustrated with a hilarious variety of rings including an onion ring, key ring, boxing ring, telephone ring, and coffee ring. Ring Bling! is a bridal shower favorite because it's fast to play and always gets some laughs.

Create a keepsake Bow-quet™: Amidst the flurry at the Bridal Shower, the Bow-quet makes it easy turn bows and ribbons from lovingly wrapped gifts into a momento that will bring a smile to the Bride during her wedding rehearsal. During the Bridal Shower, simply wind bows and ribbons through the armature of the Bow-quet™ as gifts are unwrapped. No need to use a floppy paper plate as in Bridal Showers of old! Bow-quet's™ round design takes the work out of cutting a paper plate or stowing ribbons and bows any other way! Tuck single roses gifted by guests inside the large center holder for a truly spectacular Bow-quet™.

Heart Purse ValetPrizes and Favors

Your shower will have star quality when guests leave with a sparkle and memorable prizes and party favors!

Prizes: Heart Purse Valet Handbag Holders will be welcomed by your game winners. Pretty and practical, this compact purse hook gives your girlfriends somewhere to hang their bag next time they're eating in a restaurant or sitting at a conference table.Bath Salts

Favors: Choose something elegant and personalized such as 6 oz jars of bath salts with a filagree pattern to match "The Audrey" theme, lavender or bath salts in sweet monogrammed jars, or tiny white purses filled with red m&ms.

Black and White M&M Party Favors

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