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Relax. Take a breath. Save the money you'd spend on an emergency therapy session on your shower theme invitations, favors, decorations, games and yummies!

Let's start by laying out a list of the most popular, trendy baby shower themes. Keep in mind that no matter how voluminous the list, we've only scratched the surface. The only limit to a shower theme is in the imagination!

Here at The Shower Diva, we're going to take one theme a month and expand on it. We're going to show you how to maximize on a theme without going broke by learning how to shop for it, decorate it, cook for it, clean house for it, and more! We'll send you hiking to stores or retailers online to pick up products that are budget friendly and oh, so fabulous.

Get ready to boldly go where you never thought you'd go before!

Baby Shower Themes



A to Z Theme Shower

Cut out or purchase colorful paper letters to embellish invitations. Use wooden alphabet blocks to decorate the room. Prepare ABC treats: think of foods that start with A, B, and C. For instance, Angel Food Cake, Broccoli Salad, and Chicken Wings. Or, make sugar cookies cut in the shape of letters and decorate.

Have guests bring 26 gifts that each start with a different letter of the alphabet. Have an A-Z Treasure Hunt. Hide 26 item that each start with a different letter of the alphabet. Create a list of the items – perhaps with clues. The guests who finds the most items in a set period of time wins the prize! Play word search games or BINGO.

Adopting An Angel Shower

For parents who are adopting a child. Note: Please avoid invitations or games with pregnant women or references to birth, which can be a sensitive subject for adoptive Mothers-to-Be. Also, if the child is not a newborn, think of games and decorations that reflect the age of the child. Angel-themed decorations are very sweet for this party and it’s a great time to play Getting-to-Know the Mommy games. If the child is older, it’s especially important to create a registry or wish list to help guests choose something appropriate for the new child.

If the child or children come from another country, incorporate themes and food from the child’s homeland. Play games where guests answer questions about the child’s country of origin. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Here's an example: If the adopted child comes from Russia, for example, why not incorporate a large set of stacking Russian Dolls as a centerpiece and then gift that to the new child as her very own "welcome home" gift? Or, purchase smaller sets of stacking Russian Dolls, do a bit of research about the country, enter the text onto some beautiful parchment paper, roll that up into a scroll tied up with a beautiful ribbon and gift out to the guests as lovely favors. Every time your guests come to visit the family they will know a bit more about the child's country of origin.

Around the Clock Shower

The Around the Clock Shower is a shower that highlights different "times" of day for the new baby and creates categories for gift-giving. Each guest will be assigned a "time," such as breakfast time or bath time. Their gifts then, should reflect this time, so that a bathtime gift could be a bathtime towel set. The idea here is to shower the the new mom with a wide variety of gifts that are creative and useful for all the times of her new baby's life.

Baby Clothing Shower

Great when you know the sex of the baby—or not! Buy or create clothing shower invitations. There are lots of cute choices that feature baby clothes on a clothesline. Carry that theme through to your decoration by stringing clotheslines across the room and pinning up baby clothes, socks, blankets and diapers with pastel clothespins. Play “Laundry Day”: Prepare a basket of baby clothes and clothes pins. Give your guest a baby doll and a cordless phone. The guest who can hang the most clothing in two minutes - without dropping the baby or the phone - wins the prize! Have guests decorate plain white “onesie” type shirts and let the Mommy-to-Be choose her favorite designer – who gets a prize! Fill baby socks or plastic baby booties with candies for a cute favor.

Baby Safety Shower

September is National Baby Safety Month, but you can throw this shower any time! Plan activities around home safety. Free materials and games are available from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), including a Shower How-To Kit, Baby Safety Growth Chart, Baby Safety Tips, and Baby Safety BINGO printouts by clicking here.  Safety BINGO and the Growth Chart are available in either English or Spanish. Have guests bring home safety gifts to help Mommy child-proof her home.

Baby Sprinkle!

What is a Baby Sprinkle you ask? It’s the perfect solution for a Mother-to-Be who is having her 2nd, 3rd, or subsequent baby, and one of the hottest trends in Baby Showers!

Basket Shower

Decorate with baskets, serve food from baskets, and have guests bring all sizes of baskets filled with useful items. If weather permits, this makes an excellent outdoor picnic theme. Or, create an indoor picnic by decorating with checked tablecloths, picnic baskets and toy ants. Serve picnic foods like fried chicken and potato salad. Play “What’s in the Basket”: Use a basket with a lid or cover. If you don’t have one, you can put a pretty scarf over the top of the basket. Fill the basket with items related to your guest of honor. Take out the items one by one and let guests look at the item for two minutes. Put the items back in the basket and have your guests write down as many as they can remember. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Beach and Seaside Shower

Encourage your guests to wear tropical attire: Hawaiian shirts, tropical print sundresses, or just a big sun hat and lei would be perfect!

Decorate with fresh orchids. Despite their finicky reputation, these tropical beauties are quite durable. Float them in water, decorate the buffet, bar, and tables. They’re non-toxic and have no fragrance so you can use as many as you want. If you decide to add a little fragrance, try plumeria or tuberose, but don’t go overboard. The heavenly scent of tropical flowers can become overpowering quickly on hot day.

Make your own centerpieces: lay down a fresh or silk Ti leaf, place a pineapple on top, and place orchids around the base of the pineapple. Place one orchid in the leaves of the pineapple. Use grass skirts to go around the tables.

Use your imagination! Fill a kiddie pool with ice and use it to store canned and bottled beverages. Sand pails make great serving containers. For evening parties, light some tiki torches or buy tropical themed candles to add to your centerpieces.

Bells and Belly Shower

This is for women who are already pregnant and about to be married. It is also for women who don't mind combining the two parties into one.

It is a great time to celebrate a co-themed shower. By combining both a bridal shower and a baby shower into one event, a big grand celebration of love is in order!

Please be sure to visit BadaBadaBaby for your baby shower party games and favors. The graphic design team at BadaBadaBingo Fun Games Co! is happy to take special requests such as yours!

Big Sister/Big Brother

Help older kids welcome the new baby! Have the Sibling-to-Be help plan the shower. Create invitations from the Sibling-to-Be. For instance, they could say, “You’re invited to help me welcome my new baby brother or sister!” Let the Sibling-to-Be invite some friends and wear an “I’m the Big Sister/Brother” t-shirt. Play games such as BINGO that both adults and children can enjoy, but since little folk get bored easily, be prepared with an extra Grandma or babysitter who can take wiggly kids out to the yard to play action games like tag or red rover. Make sure you have kid-friendly food choices, such as peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs or pigs in a blanket, along with more grown-up fare.

Prepare a juice-based beverage instead of sugary soft drinks. White grape punch is an excellent choice. Add sparkling water for an extra boost of adult fun.

Secret to parents of toddlers: Be sure to have a gift for the big sister / big brother such as these books by Joanna Cole.

I found a great way to prepare our 18-month old daughter for our new arrival which was to read this book to Tori and point out the baby in each page as her new baby sister, Emily, that was soon to be part of our family. That way, when the day came when Emily arrived, Tori was not surprised at the new person in our home. I've heard of sibiling rivalry and jealousy which occurs when new babies come into the house. Not only did she not exhibit any of those tendencies, but she took on the characteristics of a proud big sister. I believe it was because of our daily reading to her of Joanna's book!! Today (2 and a half years later) they are the best of friends so far! Highly recommend this gift!!

~Susan "The Shower Diva"

Bubbles Theme

Here are really fun ideas to create some effervescent fun with bubbles at your next baby shower

Casserole Shower

Have guests bring dishes that can be frozen for use after the baby is born, or after the new couple returns home from their honeymoon. Have your guests include the recipe on a 3 x 5 card as well.

Christmas Theme

Great ideas for hosting a christmas-themed shower!

Church Shower

Held by the members of one's church

Co-ed Shower

The men are invited to join and participate in the shower too.

Co-workers shower

at a co-worker's home

Collective Shower

If mom only needs a few high priced items, how to do a chip-in and make it magnificent

Dragonfly Fun Shower

Hollywood horror writer and Mother-of-Two, Holly Brix, so enjoyed the "Dragonfly Fun" Baby Shower that Susan “The Shower Diva” threw for her, that she called it “one of the best showers I’ve been to.” Find out why and how you can recreate this fun designer shower for your favorite Guest of Honor.

Flowers and Candles Shower

Shower the scene with aromatic floral and scentic candles. The atmosphere will brighten any mom who may have the baby blues.

For All Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Gardening Shower

Get out your seeds, shovel and planting pots. This is a fun way to welcome spring and babies!

Girlfriends Luncheon Shower

spiffy restaurant gathering, if the hostess can spring for the whole tab!

Green Shower

The Green shower is quickly gaining currency across the country and is oftentimes coupled with a request for eco-friendly diapers . The Green Shower turns out to be quite chic -- no paper products are allowed! Foods are served on china that will later be washed in environment friendly products such as Method or Seventh Generation dish products.

Organic and locally grown food is served. The cuisine can be vegetarian or if meats are served, they need to come from clean, certified humane producers. Even chocolate served or used in various desserts is vetted for fair trade practices (no children used as slaves to bring chocolate to the market place). Certified brands such as Newman's Own and Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates are widely available in stores across the country. Beverages follow suit by being natural and organic.

The Oregon Environmental Council offers a free Tiny Footprints Baby Shower Kit to help you get organized. This includes everything you need from the beginning stages of planning the party to food, choosing the shower gifts, games, decor and more! This resource is valuable in planning an eco-friendly, very green baby shower! And at the time of publication, it's free online!

Holiday Showers

Is the shower right before Halloween? Baby due on July 4th? Throw a holiday-themed bash!

Hollywood Walk of Fame Shower

Dress up like movie stars and have a fantasy shower!

Irish Blessing Shower

Is the Mother- or Bride-to-Be of Irish ancestry? Or does she enjoy Irish history? Then throw an Irish Blessing Shower! It’s perfect for the Irish among us and the Irish in all of us!

Little Genius Shower

educational shower where a books, dvd's, and other educational gifts such as "Baby Einstein" are given

Long Distance Shower

Done by web cam to include out-of-town friends and relatives

Mad Hatter Shower

Don’t be late for a very important date! Our Mad Hatter Tea Party Ice Cream Social Shower is based upon an Alice in Wonderland theme and developed by our favorite celebrity, Melissa Joan Hart. The ideas are fabulous.

Magical Moments

If your Guest of Honor enjoys Fairies, Pixies, Mermaids, or Cherubs, then check out this mystical magical moments theme!

Match the Nursery Shower

Creating the room for baby.

Mom-to-Be's Splurge Shower

Spa day for the mom who might already have everything!

Multi-cultural Shower

For families who want to celebrate diversity!

Multiples Shower

Is Mommy expecting twins? Triplets? Quads? Oh dear! She’ll need 2, 3, or 4 of everything.

Have guests bring supplies in the required numbers. Say…three bottles if triplets are expected, or two boxes of wipes if twins are on their way.

Reflect the expected number of babies in the decorations and recipes. Oh yes, it can be done! Try Twin Cheese Dip, Triplet Cookies, Chocolate Quad Dessert, or any other "numbered" recipe you like!

Noah's Ark Shower

Twins themes - everything comes in twos!

Office Shower

held during the lunch hour or after work at the office

Open House Shower

a co-ed event where guests come and go all day. Great when people are mingling, playing pool, watching videos or sports. A hangin' out kind of party

Outdoor Living Shower

For barbecues, backyards, or poolside

Patriotic Shower

Planning a 4th of July Shower or celebrating with a military family? Check out these Yankee Doodle Dandy ideas!


Homey and budget friendly when $$ is an issue. Diva will make it fun!

Rock Around the Clock Shower

Also known as Round The Clock Shower, for 12 guests or 24 guests, where guests bring a gift that corresponds with something mom-to-be needs for baby at every hour of the day

Same Sex Couple Shower

Same as other showers, choose a theme that fits the couple's fancy.

Second Hand Rose Shower

Helpful for parents on a strict budget!

Single Mom Shower


Smile, You're On Candid Camera!

Videos and pictures of Mom-to-Be's childhood

Sun, Moon & Stars Shower

Celestial dreams theme features planets and even signs of the Zodiac!

Surprise Shower for Grandma

For the Mom-to-Be who has everything. Set up grandma's house for baby overnights!

Sweetly Letting It Go Shower

For the very well off who donate all gifts to a local family or charity. This shower is popular with celebrities

Tea Party

Lovely tea party ideas! See our Alice in Wonderland tea party, inspired by Melissa Joan Hart. We recommend tea favors as well.

Thanks for the Memories

A scrapbooking shower

This Is Your Life Theme

Celebrate the life of your guest of honor by remembering her special times and stories! This theme gives you a chance to show your guest of honor how dearly loved she is by recalling her favorite memories and sharing in the things that bring joy to her life. Here are a few suggestions to get you started...


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