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All you need to know about throwing a baby shower by The Shower Diva

Plan - Prepare - Party!

Three simple steps to making your Baby Shower a memorable event!

Baby Shower Basics

Get started with Diva's easy-to-follow answers to your questions on how to throw the best baby shower ever! Get tips on who to invite, how and when to schedule your shower, and where to host the party!

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Here is a list of the most popular, trendy baby shower themes, yet, we've only scratched the surface! The only limit to a shower theme is in the imagination!

Gift Ideas & Gift Projects for Mom-to-Be

Looking for new ways to celebrate Mom-to-Be? Want fetching new gift ideas? Look no further!

Your Questions Answered!

Should I include the gift registry information in the shower invitation? Is it okay if I charge a price for restaurant-hosted showers? Get the answers to your baby shower questions here!


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