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I'm in the Navy and expecting my first child. I am stationed in Washington and all of my and husbands family and friends live in Michigan. A baby shower here just is not possible and I may not get to go home to Michigan before the baby is born. Are there such things as mail baby showers? I will I just have to go without a baby shower? I would like your advise please.



Dear Kimberly,

First, I'd like to thank you for your military service to our country. You deserve the respect of each and every American who is made safer by your sacrifice. We at The Shower Diva salute you!

Congratulations are in order, too! You're pregnant! Having a baby shower while living far from your husband's family and friends is challenging, but a long distance shower is certainly do-able. In your case, we'll have to resort to trendy technology! How about a virtual shower!?

What's a virtual shower you might ask? Here you go! Check out our answers to Laura and Stacy. In both cases just mentioned, we provided suggestions and helpful site links you can also access that will guide you in setting up a delightful internet baby shower. So long as you and your Michigan family members gather in your respective locations where there's a webcam on a computer (they are inexpensive to buy these days), you're on your way to having an Online Baby Shower!

You absolutely deserve to have the best baby shower possible -- especially as a Mom-to-Be in uniform! It's hard enough being stationed far from family and friends, but when there's a baby on the way, the need to be supported by family is that much stronger. It's time to pull out all the stops and get going on a fabulous shower plan that's going to work for you!

If you're close or friendly with any of your comrades serving with you in Washington, it's not a stretch to imagine that sooner or later, one of them is going to want to give you a baby shower. If so, you can combine your local shower with the online shower so that everybody is included! If time restrictions prevent two events merging into one, go ahead and enjoy two showers -- one given by your comrades in Washington and the other as an online event via webcam!

Happy Showering,

Susan - The Shower Diva


Susan "The Shower Diva"
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