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What is a "Come and Go" shower? And the meaning behind this?

Chris, Alamogordo, NM


Dear Chris,

Great question! I bet not many people have heard of this before. A "Come and Go" Shower is set up as an open house. Let's say you're throwing a baby shower or bridal shower for 30, 40, 60, 80 or more people.In order to accommodate that many guests and make sure as many as possible can make the party (holiday time can be especially tricky), you plan it as an open house!

When a guest arrives, she presents the Mom-to-Be or the Bride-to-Be with her gift. The bride or mom sits with the guest and opens the gift right away. The two share some quality private time where thank you's and affection is shared. After a few minutes, the guest is free to leave the shower or stay and visit with others if she so chooses. There's no rule on how long or short a guest's stay should be. That's why they call it "come and go!" Guests can even leave for awhile and return later if they have errands such as kids to pick up or a relative to visit.

The same rules apply at regular holiday open houses, only this time it's a shower. Come and Go parties go for many hours -- such as 6:00 pm to midnight or 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm, so that the maximum number of invitees can work the party into their day. There aren't any set rules for how many hours you set either! It gets down to what works best for the hostess and the guest of honor.

The "come and go" is a great co-ed shower theme, especially around the holidays. The atmosphere is festive, but can be less formal. Brides, Moms, Grooms and Dads enjoy the relaxed tone and cherish having time to catch up with old friends.

Happy Showering!

Susan - The Shower Diva


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