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Hello! I am hosting a baby shower. The guest list is 20.We will have a full casual menu. My question is, how do I need to set up my home? I have a dining room table that seats 8. I have an eat-in kitchen. My living room has a large leather couch, chair, and love seat. I have a flex room across from the dining room. My concern is placement of guests to eat and play games etc. I wish I could send a picture to help. I hold dinners up to 30, but we set it up buffet style using tables across my front door area, which I need. HELP!!!!!!! I am glad I found this site, it has helped me very much. I have not been to a baby shower in 30 years!

Robyn Pasquino of Summerville, SC


Dear Robyn,

It's a difficult task -- even for The Shower Diva! -- to map out room set-ups and seating arrangements without benefit of a home walk-through. My suggestion is that you decide first thing where you're going to seat Mom-to-Be. After that, concentrate on a room arrangement that makes her the center of attention. If you make everything you're planning revolve around her, the more likely you'll find your whole strategy will fall into place.

Another tip: we really can't see our own living space as objectively as someone else can. Why not borrow the visionary capabilities of a friend? Get her to come over and do a walk-through with you. Ask for her advice. You can turn it into a fun event by asking her, "If you lived here and were throwing a baby shower, how would you do the seating arrangements?" Order in pizza or chinese food if you like, then the two of you can crash on the couch and watch a DVD after your problem-solving session. You'd be surprised at the number of "aha!" solutions you'll get once you surrender your party dilemma to a trusted friend!

Another idea is to think of the baby shower the way you would a play. Act One is meet and greet. Act Two is food and beverages. Act Three is games and prizes, culminating in Act Four, the gift opening. What you can do for each act is enlist a couple of helpers who move through the crowd advising them of what's up and coming. For example, after people have had ample time to eat and chat, have your helpers cue guests as to when they should move their plates and cups to the kitchen so that there's room for games. Guests can always move back to the food area if they want more food later, just like your previous hosted parties, buffet style! Snack bowls filled with nuts and trail mix can be located strategically for those who prefer light munchies as the day unfolds.

Most likely your shower guests will understand the need to adapt and flow within your space to facilitate all shower events. The purpose of the party is already clear -- it's a day to honor Mom-to-Be. People are usually on their best behavior and more than willing to accommodate the guest of honor so that she has a beautiful day to remember.

Thank you for your question, Robyn. I have every confidence that your shower is going to be a big success!

Happy Showering,

Susan - The Shower Diva


Susan "The Shower Diva"
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